Two Gentlemen of Verona

The Playmakers @ Disjecta Contemporary Art Center

August-September 2013


Nothing complicates friendship like a little romantic competition.

Though written hundreds of years ago, William Shakespeare’s TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA features the young people of our generation: eager, passionate dreamers who yearn to achieve the ideals of Adulthood, Success, and Relationship to which they've always aspired. The reality of "adulthood" -- the lack of opportunity, the ever-raging hormones, and the competing loyalties -- looks very different.

Two Gentlemen of Verona Trailer. Director of Photography: Gordon Casey. Editing: Gordon Casey and Zach Virden. Directing: Avital Shira.

Director:  Avital Shira

Producers:  Amir Shirazi and Katie Farewell

Stage Manager:  Olivia Murphy

Costume Designer:  Melinda Hare

Props Designer:  Lauren Neiheisel

Composer and Music Director: Amir Shirazi

Technical Director:  Jonathan Swanson

Assistant Stage Manager:  Margot New


For full-screen photos by Steve Maller and further details, click here.


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